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Case 5


Refusal to Renew Shot Gun Certificate (“SGC”)

Mr E had held a Shotgun Certificate for over 30 years.  When he made application to renew his Shotgun Certificate this was refused by his Firearms Licensing Authority.  In the letter of refusal it was said that Mr E could not be in possession of a shotgun without danger to the public safety or the peace, the decision being made after reports from Mr E’s GP.

Mr E had suffered injuries pertaining to his back and for a short period of time took a course of anti depressants.   Mr E had stopped taking the anti-depressants a few months before his application was made to renew his Certificate.

Mr E decided to appeal this decision and contacted ShootingLaw who advised that he obtained a psychiatric report from an independent consultant psychiatrist.    This was obtained and ShootingLaw corresponded with the Firearms Department.  Ultimately a settlement was reached whereby the Firearms Department gave an assurance that upon Mr E abandoning his Appeal and making a re-application for a Shotgun Certificate that this would be granted.