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Case 4


Revocation of Shot Gun Certificate and Firearms Certificate (“SGC” and “FAC”) – Road Rage Incident – Video Evidence

D was a keen shooting man of previous good character.  He had held Shotgun and Firearms Certificates for many years.  He had an altercation with a cyclist who used the video on his mobile phone to photograph and record D’s abusive language and aggressive behaviour.  

Following the reporting of this D’s Firearms Department revoked his Shotgun and Firearms Certificates alleging that he could no longer possess firearms, ammunition or shotguns without danger to the public safety or the peace.  

D sought the advice of ShootingLaw on his position and appealed to his local Crown Court against the decision.  ShootingLaw advised Mr D on the law and his position after obtaining and perusing the police evidence.  SL procured statements from local witnesses who had encountered the complainant cyclist and suffered from confrontations initiated by him.  SL also obtained letters of reference in support of D.  ShootingLaw liaised with the Firearms Department throughout and finally negotiated a settlement in which Mr D abandoned his Appeal against an assurance that on re-applications being made they would be granted.

Had the case proceeded the Firearms Department would have been allowed to use the complainant’s cyclist’s video, evidence, as hearsay evidence is admissible in Firearms Appeals under the case of Kavanagh v. The Chief Constable of Devon & Cornwall.