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Case 2


Section 21(6) Firearms Act 1968- Prohibition - Application for the Removal of Prohibition on possessing firearms and ammunition. 

B was convicted of fraud and sentenced to a prison sentence of 1 year.  As B’s prison sentence was less than three years he was a prohibited person under the Firearms Act for a period of five years from the date of his release. 

The Firearms Act provides for prohibited persons to make an Application for the removal of the prohibition. Such Applications are heard in the Crown Court and granted or refused at the Judge’s discretion.

B had held a Shotgun Certificate for many years.  Clay shooting was his hobby and he was a member of several clay shooting clubs.  Being a prohibited person, B could not participate in this sport or even handle firearms.

ShootingLaw advised B on the law and procedure for an Application. It collated references and advised on a Statement for B.  ShootingLaw also liaised with the local Firearms Licensing Officer of B’s Police Authority on B’s behalf and ascertained their position on such an Application.

Shootinglaw attended the Hearing in an advisory capacity when Mr B’s Application was granted.  This result enabled B to re-apply for a Shot Gun Certificate.