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Case 1


Revocation of Shot Gun Certificate (“SGC”) - Theft of pick up truck containing shot guns - Alleged breach of Condition 4(b) of SGC 

A, an enthusiastic shot and pigeon shooter, who had superlative security arrangements, had his Shotgun Certificate revoked following the theft of his vehicle, in which there were two shotguns.  

A parked his truck on a field margin adjacent to a bridleway and main road.  He walked round to the other side of the vehicle to survey the area with his binoculars, but never left it.  Before doing this his “bins” had become entangled with the lanyard around his neck (on which he kept his car key) so he had removed the lanyard and put it on the driver’s seat of the vehicle.  An opportunist thief jumped out of a passing car on the main road and drove off with the pick-up truck, not knowing there were shotguns in the vehicle.  The truck was abandoned a short distance away and recovered with the shotguns still concealed within it.

A’s SGC was revoked with his Firearms Department contending that he had not taken all practicable steps to keep the shotguns out of the hands of criminals.

A appealed against the revocation of his SGC, and ShootingLaw advised him throughout, on the taking of Statements, procuring of references and the preparation of the Appeal Bundle for use in Court.  ShootingLaw also introduced A to a barrister who went on to represent him successfully in the Crown Court. 

In Court Mr A won his Appeal against the revocation of his SGC and his Certificate was reinstated.   Happily, he was then able to resume his shooting activities.