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Has Your FAC or SGC Been Revoked?

Is yours a difficult case which shooting organisations and/or their insurers are reluctant to support? 

If you are any of these, we think you may benefit from our advice and assistance. We advise exclusively on FAC and SGC APPEALS and Section 21(6) Applications for the removal of prohibitions. We don’t advise on any other legal subjects.

If you are a revoked or refused person or one prohibited from possessing firearms we can provide advice and assistance.  We advise and assist clients throughout England and Wales.  We advise on these Appeals and on related negotiations.

We work closely with a specialist Firearms Law Barrister and recommend our clients to retain him for the Court hearing.  Our clients contract with him directly. Shooting Law liaises closely with this Barrister and advises on the cases he conducts in Court for their client. 

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Certificate Appeals

Do you need to make an Appeal? Have you had your shotgun or firearms certificate revoked?

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Revocations & Refusals

Are you in negotiations with the police or authorities about revocations and refusals of your license?

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Removal of Prohibition

Get in touch with us if you need to apply for the removal of prohibition. We at Shooting Law can be sure to help you!

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